Below you'll find my Poetry Samples.

My poetry revolves around fiction and autobiographical themes.

Writing is at the core of any project, no matter the medium,

and I love to write pieces that provide a strong foundation for

a visual project.

Whether it’s a poetry chapbook, a caption or marketing copy,

I will use my emotive writing to help bring your message to

life with expressive text.

Cover for my second book of poetry, Red Soul Into the Dark

Colored Pencil, Hand-cut Collage & Digital Typography, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

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Red Soul Into the Dark is David's second collection of poetry. He explores journeying into the unknown with his heart ablaze, facing the fears, doubts and thoughts waiting in the dark. Freedom's light and the comforts of joy and love, are a constant motivator to navigate through life's obstacles, no matter how scared you are.

Red Soul Into the Dark – Interior Spread 1

Red Soul Into the Dark – Interior Spread 2

Cover for my first collection of poetry – Lost + Found

Colored Pencil & Digital Typography – Adobe Illustrator

To see a preview or purchase the book please visit:

Lost + Found is David's first collection of poetry. He chronicles his journey from being unsure and lost to finally finding his way and being found. From navigating loneliness and desire to soothing heartache, he keeps pushing along keeping love alive in his heart. Defeating homophobia's debilitating grip he finds a path to new love and joy.

Lost + Found – Interior Spread 1