Below you’ll find my Poster projects.

My approach to posters is to use typography, imagery and text that gives a clue as to what your film, event or organization is about. I embrace traditional and digital media to create original posters, that will showcase your project.


Graphic Design

Digital Design



  • Photography
  • Photo Retouching
  • Mixed Media


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Clip Studio Paint EX

Self-initiated Film Poster for Phoenix

Hand-cut Collage, Colored Pencil & Clip Studio Paint EX

Such a powerfully acted film that stood with me for days after viewing, I knew I had to design a poster for it. The brick background & the smoke refers to the bombed out ruins of Berlin during WWII. The red colored pencil shapes refer to the dress Nelly wears toward the end of the film. The shapes are torn to symbolize Nelly's fractured state of mind & identity. The music notes are a nod to the pre-war performances of Nelly & her husband, with Nelly singing & her husband playing the piano.

Self-initiated Film Poster for – In the Mood for Love

Clip Studio Paint EX

I was inspired to see this film just by seeing a few stills, the layered compositions spoke to the photographer in me. After seeing the film, it became one of my favorites. The textured background and the subtle smoke refers to the back streets and alleys of Hong Kong, where the characters would often meet. I added in a geometric shadow to emulate the layered visuals of the film. Every shot made use of shooting through something to show the characters from a distance, as if you were looking from the outside into their world. The typography is deliberately spaced to symbolize the complicated relationship between the characters.

If Only for One Night – Film Poster

Watercolor Pencil, Ink & Adobe Photoshop

This is an updated version of the poster for my graduate thesis film, If Only for One Night.

Self-initiated Film Poster for Another Earth

Clip Studio Paint EX

I have always loved films that explore sci-fi and the idea of the doppelganger. This film explores both in a fresh new way, it has since become one of my favorites. The two earths refer to the Earth 2 that is a part of the film's storyline. The residential street alludes to the catalyst event of the film. The white rose symbolizes peace and forgiveness towards oneself. The physics equations show the potential career path of the main character.

Self-initiated Film Poster for Three Colors: Blue

Clip Studio Paint EX

My favorite film from the Three Colors Trilogy. Kieslowski's use of color amazed me when I found out about this film, while in grad school during my Media Studies program. The music notes show the main character's connection to music being married to a composer. The street image is a clue to the film's catalyst event. The sparkly blue accents are a nod to a well-known scene in the film.

Commissioned Poster for La Casita Grande Editores

NuPastels & Digital Typography & Adobe Illustrator

This poster was commissioned to inform and entice viewers

to attend a stage reading of a play. I used pastels to create the gun, eye and background imagery, while using Illustrator for the custom digital typography showcasing the name of the play.

Self-initiated Film Poster for The Double Life of Veronique

Clip Studio Paint EX

Another one of Kieslowski's films that I discovered while in grad school, during my Media Studies program at The New School. I am drawn to films that explore transcendental themes, spirituality and the spirit. The two figures in the poster refer to the film's main characters Weronica and Veronique, two connected souls that never meet. The image is based on a still from the film. The music notes reveal each character's professions in music, Weronica an opera singer, and Veronique a music teacher.

Poster for my Newest Experimental Short Film

Falling from the Tree a Single Leaf

India Ink Brush Pen, Colored Pencil, Pan Pastel, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

For this poster I wanted to use all analog materials and showcase the nature themed poem and film.

Self-initiated Film Poster for Undertow

Clip Studio Paint EX

A brilliantly acted film with a twist to the modern ghost story, adding in LGBT themes it has become one of my favorites. I wanted to allude to the characters of the story by adding in elements of their professions, the fishing net for the fisherman, and the paintbrush for the painter. The underwater scene sheds light on the catalyst event in the story.