Below you’ll find my Logo projects.

My design aesthetic for logos is to use color, typography and unique details from your project to tell your story. I love to take

an existing typeface, and let my imagination run wild, to create

a custom font that speaks volumes about your comic / manga /

fiction book project, film, TV show or small business.

I use color to evoke emotion & as a way of hinting to what your project is about. Whether it's using orange hues to evoke the brilliant sunshine of Puerto Rico, or using neon blues and pinks as a nod to Neo Tokyo, I'll utilize color to highlight your message to your audience.


Graphic Design

Digital Design




  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Clip Studio Paint Pro

Self-initiated Neon Genesis Evangelion Logo

Clip Studio Paint Pro

One of the anime and manga classics, I wanted to try my hand at creating a logo for the series. The city above refers to Tokyo 3, and the city below refers to the NERV headquarters. The cross shape symbolizes both the Christian themes woven throughout the story, and one of the major weapons featured in the series. The purple to pink gradient represents the advanced technology used within the story, as well as the color of the unit EVA – 01.

Logo for my Film & Graphic Design Blogs

Adobe Illustrator

For these logos, I aimed to create clean designs that used symbols to show what the blogs are about. For Gotham Dreaming Cinema, I used the crescent moon and stars to highlight night time and the dreaming part of the blog name. The dolphin tail is a nod to the surprising and inventive

nature of experimental film.

For Sequential Dreaming, I was inspired by the Elder Futhark runic symbols. I modified the symbol for dreaming, adding a crescent moon at the bottom as a nod to the dreaming part of the blog name.

Self-initiated Restaurant Logo

Adobe Illustrator

I created this logo for a fictional Puerto Rican restaurant. The logo is inspired by the native Taino people of the Caribbean and their symbol for the sun. The word Encanto means to charm, it embodies the way that cuisine can charm someone to love a culture through its food. I chose two hues of orange to refer to the sunny & tropical climate of Puerto Rico.

Self-initiated Gambit & Elektra Logos

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Gambit's powers allow him to imbue inanimate objects with explosive kinetic energy. His go to object is playing cards, so I altered the counter within the letter A to take the shape of a spade, and added a diamond shape below the letter M. The pink and blue coloring refers to his costume. The shape of the energy emulates the way his kinetic energy is drawn in comic books.

Elektra is a Greek assassin specializing in using a pair of sai as her weapons. The T shape was altered to resemble a sai, and I chose a font that's inspired by Greek and Roman typography.

Self-initiated Ghost in the Shell Logo

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Another classic manga and anime, I had to create my own logo for it! I used computer chip imagery within the typography, as well as for the green accents to allude to the hi-tech themes of the story. The skin tone color refers to the human essence that exists within the cyborg characters. The hints of neon purple are a nod to the Neo Tokyo setting of the story.

Self-initiated Domino & Storm Logos

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Domino's powers alter probability in her favor within her range of sight, as long as she takes action. She's a highly trained markswoman, athlete, swimmer and an expert in using explosives. The black heart shaped refers to the mark over Domino's left eye.

Storm's powers allow her to control the weather. I crafted the font to resemble lightning, and I created a storm cloud effect within letters.

Self-initiated Lady Snowblood Logo

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Lady Snowblood is an action packed manga and film. I wanted to pay homage to the visuals often used in manga, by using screen tone as texture to fill in the bullseye / umbrella design. I added in some snow textures because the first part of the story takes place in winter. I went with an ink inspired font as a nod to the time period of the story. There is a lot of violence in both the manga and film, so I put in some blood splatter but it has been restrained for maximum impact.

Self-initiated Restaurant Logo

Adobe Illustrator

I created this fictional logo for a restaurant that would be based in NYC. I used an easy to read font for a clean look, adding a skyscraper-esque graphic to add a touch of fun to the logo. The burgundy color provides an optional color version for the logo.

Media Re-branding – Channel Thirteen Logo

The New School – Media Practices –

Design Course Assignment

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

For this assignment, I refreshed the Channel Thirteen logo by including the owl as a symbol for knowledge. The spread wing around the Channel Thirteen name suggests comfort and the educational approach to their programming, taking the viewer under their wing guiding them through learning new concepts and ideas. I added in spot colors from their existing website to tie in their current look with the new look.

Self-initiated Mystique & Psylocke Logos

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Mystique is a shapeshifter, who can take on any human form including their voice. The layered low opacity letters refers to her shapeshifting abilities, always in flux. I chose the unique blue color of her skin for the logo.

Psylocke is a telepath with various forms of mental powers. While using her telepathic abilities, a butterfly shaped aura appears around her face. Her costume is also pink and purple.

Self-initiated Nightcrawler & Rogue Logos

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Nightcrawler has superhuman agility and the ability to teleport.

For his logo, I went with a dark blue tone to mimic Nightcrawler's midnight blue skin, and his ability to become nearly invisible in shadows. The tail of the letter C refers to his prehensile tail, and the glowing yellow counters in the letter R's are a nod to his glowing yellow eyes.

Rogue has the ability to involuntarily absorb the memories, physical strength, knowledge, talents, personality and powers of anyone through skin to skin contact. I went with a gradient from grey to green to simulate her absorbing abilities. The green and yellow coloring is a nod to the colors of her costume.