Below you’ll find my Film & Sound Design Reels.


Video Pre-Production

Video Production

Video Editing

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  1. Documentary
  2. Experimental
  3. Audio Poetry
  4. Diary / Non-Fiction

Documentary Editing Reel

Non-fiction footage editing sample

I created this short segment on The Stonewall Riots.

I used archival newspaper articles, photos, as well as

super 8 mm archival film footage.

The audio was taken from an interview with Bill Salzman. An Executive Committee Member of The Stonewall Veterans Association, and founding principal of the Harvey Milk LGBT High School.

Experimental Film Reel

Production & editing reel of my experimental films

The first excerpt is from my graduate thesis film

If Only for One Night. This film is based on a poem

I wrote & narrated, about the limbo of desire &

loneliness that occurs when a relationship ends.

The second excerpt is from Astral Body, an experimental film about the journey of the spirit, as it travels throughout different astral realms.

Both films were created during my graduate studies at

The New School, while in their M.A. in Media Studies program.

The last excerpt is from Falling from the Tree A Single Leaf, a short experimental film based on a poem I wrote & narrated.

Sound Design Reel

This is a sample of my "audio poetry" and sound design projects

The poem is from my second collection of poetry,

Red Soul Into the Dark. I created an "audio poem"

along with a companion ambient track.

Listen to more in the Sound Design & Audio Poetry section.

Documentary Audio Poetry Sample

Excerpt from Voices of Our Elders: An Audio Poetry Chapbook.

This project consists of "audio poems."

They were created from an oral history interview,

with a gay 77 year old man about his life before Stonewall.

The use of silence has been used as punctuation.

Each poem illuminates life before the Gay Rights Movement.