Poster for my thesis film “If Only for One Night”

This is the promotional poster that I created for my thesis film,
If Only for One Night.

Poster for the my experimental film “Astral Body”

This is the third project from my Media Practices: Design class. It’s the poster for my experimental film “Astral Body”. This film is about astral projection which is when the spirit separates from the body. The film is a journey of the spirit through the astral realm. I created the imagery in Photoshop and added the title and supplemental text in Illustrator.

Brochure for Seeing Red: Hungarian Revolutionary Posters

This is my second project for my Media: Practices Class. This is a brochure for the recent MoMa exhibit on Hungarian Revolutionary Posters. The style is inspired by the Plakastil style which developed in the early 1900s in Germany where posters were made with: bright flat colors; and strong typography; with no ornamental design flourishes. The dotted lines are a visual marker of where the design would fold.

Media Advocacy Poster – Greenpeace

This is the first project from my Media Design: Practices class. This is a media advocacy poster for Greenpeace. The poster’s purpose is to inform the public about Greenpeace’s new Energy [R]evolution initiative to help combat global warming. I created the fist image in Photoshop and added the text in Illustrator.

Ad for “The Modern Gentleman” Watch

Modern Gentleman

This is a illustration that I created as a personal project. I wanted to create a new watch design for the Hamilton watch company. This illustration incorporates the features that all Hamilton watch designs have shared throughout the years since 1892. After heavily researching the Hamilton watch company, I came up with some preliminary sketches, chose a final sketch, and scanned it into illustrator. Everything in this design was hand-traced including the Hamilton logotype and the Swiss Made name.

Re-Branding of Channel 13 – Branding/Identity Project

Redesigned Logo for Channel 13

This branding/identity project is the second project from my Media Practices: Design course. It was a group project and my responsibilities were to create the logo and translate the design into Illustrator, as well as design the on-screen version of the logo, the homepage for the website for Channel 13, and lastly an ephemera piece which is a bookmark.

The Rocket Ads

This is a magazine ad for the Palm Pictures film '‘The Rocket’'. This ad was featured in the National magazine USA Hockey. I created this ad in various sizes to accomodate for the different ad space needed in the magazine. This ad is the halfpage version.

Sun Dogs Menu Insert

This is one of the projects I created while I interned at Palm Pictures. This is a menu insert for their film called '‘Sun Dogs’'. This insert was made to go into a Margaritaville restaurant menu.

Flickr Ad 1

Flickr Ad 2

Illustrator Composition about “Revolution”

This is my first graduate production project for my Media Concepts class. The composition represents my idea of revolution which focuses on the spark that begins a revolution. In this illustration, the spark has exploded within someone and it’s bursting to effect the other people. The squares represent people. The horizontal lines represent the spark that is dormant within the rest of the people.

Digital Illustration