Technicolor Kiss: A Classic Redux


Splitting Road

Reflections and Refractions

Town Square

Structural Analysis

Dimensional Escalators

Diving for Hearts – A Photo Series
This series was inspired by the song “Diving for Hearts” by UK singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae. Furthermore, this series explores the themes of: love, melancholy, loss and beauty. The red shapes in each image represents love.

A Glimmer of a Love Now Lost

Desire: Reaching for the Missing Pieces of Me

One with the Sea

Desire 2: Intensified by the Waves

To be Wild and to Run Into the Stones and Into the Sea

Longing in Cold Blue

Surrounded by, Warmed by, Longing to be with the Wisps of the Past

Last Grasp of What Will Soon Be Lost Again

Reaching for the Evanescent Strands: Goodbye Lost Love

A Lapse in Time

Wait for Me at the Bridge: In Between Our Worlds

Texture by TV 1

Texture by TV 2

A Drizzle of Bokeh

A Laser Wind

Electric Night

Digital Photography
Digital Photography