“Los Elementos Adentro de Mi”

This is the first image of a series of analog collages exploring the different elements.
Water, earth, air, fire and spirit.
This image represents the sea and the moon.
The Cycle of Tui and La Circles my Heart

The Push and Pull of the Tides Within

Lunar Neuro Waves

The Eclipse is Within Reach

Speaking in Tongues in my Dreams

These 9 collages are from a series called "Nature Within the City'. The series is comprised of my own cityscape and floral photos.

These five collages are part of the “Explosions” series in which combine self-portraits with my firework photos.

The projects in this section are collages that include all of my own original photography. I created these collages as a way to create something that was tangible, and wasn’t so dependent on the computer.

Hand-cut Mixed Media Collages