Astral Body

Astral Body is an experimental film about the journey of the spirit as it travels through different astral realms.
This work is property of David Iglesia. Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Falling from the Tree a Single Leaf

This is a short experimental film inspired by one of my poems "falling from the tree a single leaf". This work is property of David Iglesia Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved.

If Only For One Night - Final Version
This is the final version of my thesis film, If Only For One Night, for my M.A. in Film & Media Studies degree from The New School. This film is my most personal to date. Its story is told through a long-form poem which I wrote and narrated, titled If Only For One Night. The poem is about dealing with the limbo of loneliness, desire and emotional withdrawal after the ending of a long-term relationship. If Only for One Night is an intimate exploration of my heart and soul. A journey of my heart that was beginning to harden but was opened wide by the power of poetry and the desire to move forward once and for all. Ultimately, learning to embrace change and to find happiness once again in all of its forms. I bare my body and my soul in this one so its both terrifying and exciting to put this out for the world to see.

This section contains my short experimental film projects. The themes range from out of body experience to poetry and nature.

Short Film Projects