David / Graphic Designer / Film Editor / Photographer

Below you’ll find my Short Experimental Film Projects.


Video Pre-Production

Video Production

Video Editing

Audio Recording

  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Mixing
  • Image Projection
  • Poetry Writing


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Avid
  • Pro Tools


  1. Experimental


Diary Film

Astral Body

Astral Body is an experimental film about the journey

of the spirit, as it travels throughout different astral realms.

Falling from the Tree a Single Leaf

This is a short experimental film inspired by one of my poems.

If Only For One Night – Final Version

This is the final version of my thesis film, If Only For One Night

It was completed for my M.A. in Film & Media Studies degree from The New School. This film is my most personal to date.

This film is based on a long form poem I wrote & narrated, about the limbo of desire & loneliness that occurs when a relationship ends.