Below you'll find my Sound Design & Audio Poetry projects.

My sound design is rooted in creating ambient / instrumental tracks for film & media projects. I also create audio poems using my own original poetry & oral history interviews.

Incorporating digital instruments, recorded sounds, along with the unique timbre of the autoharp (on some tracks), every track is made from scratch, catering to the specific needs of each project. My background as a filmmaker / film editor informs my understanding of the emotional power and depth, that sound breathes into any project.

I'll use my kindness, patience and experimental nature to guide you through your project, creating a safe space where you can explore the core of the story you want to tell. I'll help you to organize your thoughts and sounds, to create a one-of-a-kind track that’s uniquely yours.


Audio Recording

Audio Editing

Audio Mixing

Oral History -



Pro Tools

  • Audacity
  • Hindenburg


  • Documentary
  • Audio Poetry
  • Sound Design
  • Instrumentals

Voices of Our Elders: An Audio Poetry Chapbook

This project consists of "audio poems".

They were created from an Oral History interview,

with a gay 77 year old man about his life before Stonewall.

The use of silence has been used as punctuation.

Each poem illuminates life before the Gay Rights Movement.

Hidden In the Darkness – Audio Poem

Hidden In the Darkness – Companion Ambient Track

Faint Light of Dawn – Audio Poem

Faint Light of Dawn – Companion Ambient Track

Falling From the Tree A Single Leaf – Audio Poem

Falling From the Tree A Single Leaf –

Companion Ambient Track

I Am A Willow Wisp – Audio Poem

I Am A Willow Wisp – Companion Ambient Track

The Light of My Heart Will Lead the Way -

Audio Poem

The Light of My Heart Will Lead the Way -

Companion Ambient Track

The Sound of My Voice – Audio Poem

The Sound of My Voice – Companion Ambient Track